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Structure kit DIY

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--Frame alluminio 6mm / acrilico 1cm

--Kit parti stampate PLA (colore Nero - Rosso - Verde - Bianco perla )

--Mini fala Extruder ABS (parti stampate)
--Hobbed pulleys per mini fala Extruder
--2 barre filettate M5 (tagliate a misura)
--4 barre filettate M8 (tagliate a misura)
--2 barre filettate M10 (tagliate a misura)
--2 barre lisce acciaio zincato rettificato asse x  (tagliate a misura)
--2 barre lisce acciaio zincato rettificato asse y  (tagliate a misura)
--2 barre lisce acciaio zincato rettificatoasse z  (tagliate a misura)
--15 cuscinetti calettati a caldo in Nylon (stampabili anche in pla)
-- 3 cuscinetti 624 (per assi x,y ed estrusore)
-- 2 cuscinetti 605 (per mini fala extruder)
-- 2 tubi da 4cm in poliuretano per asse Z
-- 8 dadi M10 + Rondelle piane M10
-- 4 dadi M10 autobloccanti
-- 14 dadi M8 + Rondelle piane M8
-- 8 dadi M8 autobloccanti
-- 40 M3x25mm nere testa esagonale
-- 20 M3x10mm bianche (per nema 17) 

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2 commenti:

  1. You can use this part to overcome the need of using such a long separator for RAMPS/Mega mount:

    Original design calls for the y-axis motor to be on the opposite side of the frame than the hotend (in the back). No sure why you do it the other way around. Is there are strong reason?

    1. ciao Misan!, I also in my github I modified the x-end-motor(, and in addition to distance the engine from the frame, I stretched the holes to fix the engine in order to improve the tension of the belt. the motor instead is on the opposite side in the acrylic frame version only for vibration problems, I did some tests with the acrylic frame and this is maybe the best solution...