mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

FalaUnion-MONO update10 "only photo"
Reduced of 65%

Print at 40mm/sec 
z-layer 0.20mm
183 layer/change filament
time 24 min
Reduced of 75%

Print at 25mm/sec
z-layer 0.10mm
over 250 layer/change filament
time 3 hours

venerdì 7 febbraio 2014

FalaUnion-MONO update9

Cura DONE !

After testing Basket setting... I thought that not all 3d printers have extra space exceeding the margin of the plate where usually you usually print.... so... I want to make all 3dprinter able to "COLORIZE" not only the bigger ones.... but also the smaller!!!

So... now ecerything it's possible... !
Like Cura slicer do, normally activate the wipe&prime tower mode on, so that the object is perfectly printed and it has a tower on the side, that I use to have a no-shades printing...the same effect basket does on the bigger 3dprinters.

in this test I tried to print a scaled (0.35 x) octopus dual color  ...

now I have to do a little hack before the print starts...

The normal dual extrusion provides for the filament to be ready inside the hotend...
---Not in our case!... one is inside ... and another... some centimetres over the Y converge FUM...

then... at the beginning of the print the retraction of the second extruder comes just after the first movements (after all axes went home)..

you have to start the print... 

and after "home all axes" and retraction of second extruder (that you have disconnected from the bowden tube before starting in order to add the retraction) 

Now pause the print......

insert and block the second bowden tube on the FUM.... and...

restart the print.......

I want to implement a plugin that doesn't create this noise starting the print 
and want gives the possibility to select CURA or SLIC3R (in slic3r I have only this problem "post in reprap italia")

As for the rest....
The basket are ready... and in the next week I have organized a super extra long printing test, were the printer shoul print 3 color in a megalitic multicolor printing!
for testing the basket and the FUM 3 color!